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Tai Er is a famous Sichuan Cuisine with over 300 outlets all over the world including 4 outlets in Singapore (313@Somerset is the newest among all). If you are a fish lover then this Taier Singapore will be a paradise for you due to 太 二 酸菜 鱼. With a variety of dishes along with beverages and dessert, Tai Er restaurant in Singapore is a perfect choice for group dining with friends and family. You can enjoy your meal at any of its outlets located in Suntec, Jem, Jewel, and 313@Somerset.

Why Is Tai Er (太二酸菜鱼) So Popular In Singapore?

Tai Er Singapore is popular due to many reasons but some of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

Variety In Menu

There are many different meals available at Tai Er, including its famous sauerkraut fish (太 二 酸菜 鱼) as well as other Sichuan classics including Chongqing Chicken, Mapo Tofu, and Egg Fried Rice. This provides customers with a wide range of options and guarantees something for everyone.

Tai Er Sauerkraut Fish

Friendly & Welcoming Staff

Tai Er’s staff is renowned for being warm and inviting. They are always happy to offer advice and assist guests in selecting dishes. Customers are drawn back repeatedly as a result of the welcoming atmosphere this produces.

Tai Er singapore

Unique & Delicious Taste

Tai Er offers special and delicious dishes. The sauerkraut fish is a must-try, and the other dishes are also very flavorful. Fresh ingredients and the traditional Sichuan cooking style ensure that the food is great in taste.

taste of tai er dishes

Prime Locations

Tai Er has several outlets in prime locations in Singapore, such as Jewel Changi Airport, JEM, Suntec City, and 313@Somerset. This makes it easy for customers to find a location that is convenient for them.

Tai Er outlets

Reservation Option

Tai Er offers a reservation option, which is helpful for customers who want to avoid long wait times. It is really important during peak hours or on weekends.

Tai Er reservations

What Are The Popular Dishes At Tai Er Singapore?

Following are the popular dishes you can enjoy at any of the four Taie outlets in Singapore:

Tai Er’s Chinese Sauerkraut Fish is a must-try for any Chinese cuisine enthusiast. With pickled cabbage, chili peppers, and Sichuan peppercorns, the fish is cooked in a spicy, sour soup. Suitable for sharing, this dish is delicious and hearty.

tai er's chinese sauerkraut fish

Abalone and Shrimp in Spicy Sauce is a special Tai Er dish made with abalone, shrimp, and vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce. For a special occasion, this dish is luxurious and flavorful.

abalone and shrimp in spicy sauce

Crispy Prawn Pork With Mustard is made by combining crispy prawns with mustard sauce. This dish is quite refreshing and flavorful, making it ideal for a light meal.

crispy prawn pork with mustard

Glutinous rice rolls are coated in egg and then deep-fried in egg-coated fat to make Egg-Coated Glutinous Rice Rolls with Brown Sugar. After that, they are served with sweet brown sugar syrup. Perfect for ending a meal, this dessert is delicious and satisfying.

tai er's egg coated glutinous rice rolls with brown sugar

Grilled Bullfrog With Chill Pepper is made with stir-fried bullfrog with chili peppers and other vegetables. It has a strong flavor and is spicy but not overpowering.

tai er's griddle cooked bullfrog with chili pepper

Served with salted egg yolk, mayonnaise, and vegetables, the Seaweed Roll with Salted Egg Yolk is made from seaweed. You can serve it as a light snack or to refresh your palate.

tai er's seaweed roll with salted egg yolk

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